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Since 2022 

Youth Africa Intellactuals

About Us

Young Africa Intellectuals (YAL Group) is a youth-led organization which is more into health communication, youth and women empowerment initiatives for social development through integrating Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in marginalized or neglected communities (rural areas, informal/squatter settlements, refugee camps ) Additionally, the organization aims to sustainably address cross-cutting issues in society which include but, not limited to sexual risk behaviours, drug abuse, child abuse, unplanned pregnancy, gender inequality, women’s rights and youth unemployment guided by the tenets of Human Rights Based Approach. Our modus operandi as a group is based on the belief that, for the modern word to progress, problem finding and problem solving has to be initiated and led by young people. We believe in the convergence or collision of ideas from different professional or academic backgrounds in addressing the aforementioned human development problems which affects women and young people. We aim to offer solutions through research-to-change approaches, the youth driving decisions through data to understand and change key audiences, develop and test frames in social development. More so, the group promotes movement-building component to align different groups and organizations towards achieving sustainable development through education and trainings, community awareness campaigns, capacity building efforts, empowerment initiatives, talent management, life skills design and advocacy.

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Our Vision

We envision a healthy and resilient society which effectively, actively and efficiently embraces youth-led solutions in ending human development challenges ( health and socio-economic) which affect young people and women in marginalized communities.

Our Mission

To provide, preserve and encourage inclusive youth led solutions towards achieving social development in neglected communities.



Our Guideline Principles

 Young people creating narratives and perspectives for youth and women empowerment 

Young Africa Intellectuals (YAL Group), is the hub of intellectual youth-led solutions for sustainable development

Young people leading other young people in intergrating SDGs for social development

Young  people at the center of using decision data from research to movement/ base building to transform the lives of women and the youth in marginalized communities

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